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Writing as Meditation

Meditation calms your nerves and allows the brain to process the information it has soaked up from daily life and all its stimuli. Writing is a direct connection to your personal truths; it awakens your inner voice and gives it courage to speak up. When you practice meditative writing, you allow your mind to have a genuine conversation with itself, and to make honest discoveries about what untainted and original content it can create. It opens up awareness in your thoughts and releases a wealth of creativity and knowledge that otherwise tends to be trapped in your mind. Writing as Meditation is a gift far too accessible, too easy, and too rewarding not to embrace — if you are willing to cultivate the habit.

Writing as Meditation can be practiced without adherence to any religion or philosophy. Sitting in meditation you may practice letting go of thoughts. You note that you’ve had a thought and then release it. While in a writing meditation, there is also the option to catch, examine and keep the thought. This practice can be used to help get in touch with your joys, fears, concerns, memories, and other emotions. It can help clear and settle your mind.

Where writing meditation is concerned, two styles are used: free writing meditation as insight meditation or prompted writing as focused meditation. Free writing involves writing down whatever comes into your head for a set period of time or for a specific number of words. Prompted writing employs a loving-kindness script asking the writer access the subconscious, and often times is much more effective than reading, hearing or reciting the words – and with very little conscious effort on our part.

There are also two delivery styles: solo meditation or guided meditation. When you choose Writing as Meditation as a solo activity- you get two more options. Either you choose a writing prompt, prepare quietly for ten minutes and then write or sit quietly first and then write the images, thoughts and words that have come to you. Guided meditation works very similarly- except there is guide who verbally sets the tone and helps you with the meditation process.

Writing as Meditation involves writing with the aim of arriving at an outcome.


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